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Track Your Order & Estimated DeliveryUpdated 6 months ago

What is my order's status and when can I expect it to arrive?

Our team does their best to process your order within the estimated processing times. Once your order ships out, you'll receive a shipping confirmation email which will contain a tracking link to your shipment. You may review our Processing and Shipping Times article to help calculate the Estimated delivery range. Estimated delivery dates will also be provided via USPS or FEDEX based on your selected shipping method once scanned in.

Processing Times + Transit Times = Estimated Delivery Range

Below you will find different methods to track your order:

Your CM Account

Sign In or Create an Account with Caitlyn Minimalist to track your order, open an inquiry, re-order past items and more. Please note that you must sign in or create an account with the email address your order was originally placed with. If you are unable to login to your account or cannot find your order with your email address, there's a chance you might have entered a different email address or a typo occurred at checkout.

Your Email

  1. Search your email for your Order Confirmation e-mail with the subject line "Your Caitlyn Minimalist Order'' or e-mail address “[email protected]
  2. Open the email on the date you ordered. Orders placed on our website are 6 digits long.
  3. Estimated Processing Times can be found in the order confirmation email and Estimated delivery times will be provided on the tracking page once shipped out.

    Note: Double check your spam and make sure we are added as a safe sender!

Contacting Us

If you're unable to find your order in your account or email, you are welcome to Contact Us for assistance. Please include your delivery or email address in your inquiry to help lookup your order.

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