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I can't find my confirmation e-mailUpdated 6 months ago

We understand that receiving a confirmation email after making a purchase is an essential step in your shopping experience and provides important details about your order. If you can't find your confirmation email from Caitlyn Minimalist from our address, [email protected], here are some steps and explanations to help you locate it and understand more about the process:

Check Your Email Folders

Spam or Junk Mail: Confirmation emails sometimes get mistakenly filtered into your spam or junk mail folder. Please check these folders in your email account.

Promotions or Updates Tabs: If you're using an email service with multiple inbox tabs (like Gmail), the confirmation email might be sorted into one of these tabs.

Review Your Email Address

Ensure that the email address provided during checkout was correct. A small typo can prevent you from receiving your confirmation. 

Understand Pending Authorization Charges

Authorization vs. Confirmation: When you place an order, you might see a pending charge in your account. This is typically a standard authorization hold and not an actual charge. It's a common banking practice used to verify that funds are available. This hold does not mean your order has been confirmed. Only until the authorization is processed will your order be confirmed.

No Confirmation Email, No Charge: If you haven't received a confirmation email, it's likely that your order hasn't gone through, and the pending charge should be released back into your account within a few days, depending on your bank's policies. We recommend checking your e-mail for a reminder about your pending cart to complete your transaction.

Additional Steps

Patience is Key: There can be a delay in receiving your confirmation email, especially during high-demand periods. Please allow some time for it to arrive.

Contact Us: If you've checked all the above and still haven't received a confirmation, or if you're concerned about the pending charge, please contact us for assistance. Provide us with as much detail as possible about your concern.

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