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Fingerprint Jewelry ProcessUpdated 6 months ago

Capturing the Print

The first step is obtaining a clear, usable print. This can be a fingerprint, or as some customers have inquired, a pet's nose or paw print. The print can be captured using ink on paper or digitally using a scanner or a digital phone camera. The quality and clarity of the print are crucial for the final product's detail. 

Submitting the Print

Once the print is captured, it needs to be submitted to our care team. You can either upload your images using the “upload image” prompt on the product page or you can send the image to our email, [email protected], with your Order # in the subject line after it’s placed.

Confirming the Print

After receiving the print and personalization details, our care team will carefully review all the details and reach out with any questions. If you don’t hear back from us with any questions, this means your personalization details have been finalized and sent to our design team to process your order.

Processing Your Order

Our fingerprint jewelry is carefully crafted and made to order by hand. Custom made-to-order jewelry typically ships within 6 - 9 business days, excluding weekends, upon ordering and receiving all information

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