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Capturing Different Types of PrintsUpdated 4 months ago

From unique fingerprints and handprints of your loved ones, to your cherished pet's nose and paw prints, we can transform these prints into meaningful keepsakes. Here are some recommended methods for obtaining these special prints:

Ink or Paint Method

  • Materials: Non-toxic, safe ink or paint, and paper.
  • Process: Gently press a finger or dog's nose or paw onto the ink or paint pad and then onto the paper.
  • Tips: Use a treat to keep your human or pet still and make sure the ink or paint is safe for humans and pets

Pencil & Paper Method

  • Materials: Pencil, clear tape, and white paper
  • Process: Shade a small area on paper with a pencil to create a dark patch. Rub the fingertip on this patch, then press a piece of clear tape over the finger and peel it off, transferring the print to the tape. Stick this tape onto a clean white paper.
  • Tips: This method is less messy and can be more precise!

Digital Image Method

  • Materials: Smartphone, point and shoot camera
  • Process: Take a clear image of finger, paw or nose with your digital camera. It’s important that the subject of the image is in focus and sharp to capture the fine details

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